Product Class:
A/L Factor:
165 AL
Axle Rating:
22,000 LBS TO 23,000 LBS
GB23TFT is a 23K, 165AL, high torque, high performance friction formulation utilizing aramid (Kevlar) fibers and the revolutionary approach known as TRANSFER FILM TECHNOLOGY. Under braking, graphite and other chemicals bleed out of the friction and coat the drum with a 1 or 2 microns thick film. Rather than a mechanical action between the lining and drum,the friction is generated by cohesive forces between two like surfaces providing: Better lining/drum contact through greater conformability,
  • Creates a more stable friction co-efficient at all temperatures
  • Consistently lower average temperature throughout cycles
  • Reduced noise, drum scoring, and vibrations
  • Significantly longer lining life with less drum wear


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