Marathon Heat Star and Heat Star 20

Heat Star
A versatile friction material designed for heavy loads & tough terrain – yet excellent for over-the-road hauling

A versatile high performance premium brake lining designed for a wide range of over-the-road hauling

Heat Star is a proven, premium lining formulation designed to provide fleets with a brake lining delivering excellent service life in a variety of demanding vocational environments. Heat Star is rated for 23,000 lb axle loads, making it ideal for the unique stopping requirements of tough applications like liquid tanker, grain, cement or standard duty refuse, as well as over-the-road hauling.

The other member of our flagship Heat Star family is HS20, a premium, long life friction material that will lower your cost per mile and reduce overall brake maintenance costs. HS20 is a versatile and high performance lining ideal for a variety of over-the-road hauling applications. This proven formulation easily meets Federal regulations for brake effectiveness, fade and recovery in accordance with FMVSS 121 test procedure and is rated for 20,000 lb axle loads.


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